My passion is to discover the beauty in a once worn down, sun beaten, over used and abused hundred year old wood from barns, old buildings and/or reclaimed items and give it new life. This is a beautiful process that I tend to loose myself in. All I can think about is the history that my very hands are on. It begins as the wood is delivered, cleaned, scrubbed, dried, sanded and planed. It then starts to become awakened and slowly comes to life once again.  In these carefully handcrafted made items, not only will you receive your unique piece but a picture and the story behind it. 

Therefore, just like these old, worn down, sun beaten, over used and abused antique barns and buildings so are many people in our own very communities. That's why I have chosen to donate percentages made to those who need a little help and better quality of life. This is my heart, this is why "Wood You Boutiques" exist. So that you may recieve a one of a kind item, yet more importantly you are also giving someone hope, love and quality of life.

1870's Train Depot in Acworth Ga built by the Western and Atlantic rail road.

My prayer is that you will truly enjoy your handcrafted,  piece and the story behind it and  blessed by knowing that you helped someone who needs to know that they are loved, thought of and deserving of such. 

Discover the beauty

Let ALL that you do be done in LOVE

1 Corinthians 16:14

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