This was the very first batch of 100 year old wood I cleaned and put my hands on.  What a story this wood tells, if it could only talk!

Credits to my barn wood distributor and very special friend Jay Mcannally for finding beautiful barns, train depots and old buildings and bringing them to me. You are so special in many ways to my family and I.

Photo credits to my 9 year old daughter, Zoe!

My not so politically correct bio

I think this is where I'm suppose to list all my accomplishment and credits. Well I'm not going to do that and quite frankly I don't have anything worth your time. :) If I did I'm afraid you will miss the very reason why "Wood you Boutiques" exsist and quite honestly this isn't truly about me.

To tell you my story is to tell you of Him.  He is the reason for "Wood you Boutiques".  He is the one who brought a defeated women who came from a rough unstable begining and gave me hope.  He is the one who said to quit comparing myself to others and what their abilities are and look at the ones He gave me.  He told me he didn't make any mistakes on me and to use and abuse my past to make a future not just for me but for others! 

Am I scared? Heck ya!! But my passion to help others overweighs all the thoughts of failure.  Anyhow as long as I listen to Him there is no failure!! Ahh isnt that's so refreshing. 

What I want you to see when and if you purchase a item is not the actual item you purchase and not even the money or amount that will be donated to a chosen person at that time. What I want you to see is Him. I want you to see LOVE. I want you to see the beauty that comes from just a simple gesture and how it can change someones life....... for ever!

So the person who deserves the "Credits" and "Accomplishments" and who I'm talking about is The King of Kings, The Great I Am, The Alpa Omega my everything.... Jesus!! Thank you God for taking the blinders off for me, for never giving up on me, for continually telling me "I can", and I will!!!  I will press on.

Let ALL that you do be done in LOVE

1 Corinthians 16:14

To my husband and kids, Thank you for putting up with the mounds of saw dust, shavings, nails and bruises you have gotten from tripping over all my crap and seeing the bigger picture. You are just as invested in helping others as I am.  I love you!